The best hair dryer in India is

CategoryHair DryerWhy?
1000WPhilips 1000W HP8100
Rs. 580.

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1. Becuause it gets the job done in a nice and simple way.
2. It also has a "Cool air" functionality for producing cool air.
3. Is great value for money in the 1000 W category.
1600WPhilips 1600W BHD006
Rs. 1300

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1. Because it produces a lot of heat.
2. It has 3 different settings for speed and heat. So the same dryer can be used by a man and a woman
3. Is priced affordably .
4. Has dual voltage for people travelling to the west.
2200WBabyliss D341E EXPERT 2200W Hair Dryer

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1. Because it is 2200 W!! This 2200W professional hairdryer creates a powerful airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed makes drying and styling your hair quicker and easier and you can enjoy the flow of air through your hair and feel like a diva. It will make you feel so good every morning that you can start your day feeling pretty good. So it will dry out the thickest of hairs in the shortest of times. Yea, you can snooze that alarm one more time.
2. Ionic conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair
3. Protect your hair while enjoying fast drying results. Multiple heat and speed settings give the blow dry you want.

Detailed answer with explanations

While trying to figure out which is the best hair dryer in India, I researched and rated the hair dryers on the following aspects.

  • A hair dryer should dry your hair quickly by blowing high volume of air at a high speed

    This depends on the amount of heat and the speed of the fan in the hair dryer. This is decided by the “power” rating of the dryer measured in Watts. Currently the Indian market has many dryers in the range of 1000W to 2500W. The lesser the “W (watt)” rating, the more time it takes. And the more time it takes, the earlier you need to hit the shower in the morning and nobody likes to do that.
    My personal experience is that 1000W works good for men but is not enough for women with thick long hair. Go for 1700W and above for a quick dry.

  • A hair dryer should not damage hair on regular usage

    Hair dryers come with 2 kinds of coils –

    • [1] Metallic
    • [2] Ceramic.


  • Metallic coils are cheaper than ceramic but they produce lot of positive ions which tend to frizz up your hair and damage the follicles which results in dull hair. So, ionic hair dryers produce negative ions to neutralize this effect. This prevents static and hair remains smooth and silky. So, if you use a dryer with a metallic coil, try to use low heat and definitely go for ionic hair dryers
  • Ceramic and Tourmaline hair Dryers are recommended for long term use. Ceramic produces “far infrared” heat which heats your hair without damaging it and causes water to evaporate quickly and evenly. But these tend to be expensive.
  • Tourmaline produces negative ions to neutralize the positive ions generated by the heater. This helps in reducing the frizz and keeps hair beautiful and smooth.
    Some of the ceramic hair dryers in India are :
  • Cool shots

    Cool shots are available in most hair dryers and produce a nice cool air blast. This allows hair styles to be set in place. It can be used for drying hair sprays and other hair products. It is used to blow your hair into desired style.
    Most of the hair dryers these days come with this cool feature.

These tables below show detailed comparison among various hair dryers. They are organized according to their Wattage to help you pick the best.

Comparison table for 1000W hair dryers

My Rank1235
Hair Dryer NamePhilips 1000 W HP8100Philips HP 8112Panasonic EH-ND11 Hair DryerMorphy Richards HD-031
Speed/Heat Settings2322,2
Cord Length1.5m1.5m1.8m1.8m
Price(As of this writing)5807456821199
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Flipkart LinkPhilips HP8100 Hair DryerPhilips HP8112 Hair Dryer
Panasonic EH-ND11 Hair DryerMorphy Richards HD-031
Amazon LinkPhilips HP8100 Hair DryerPhilips HP8112 Hair DryerPanasonic EH-ND11 Hair DryerMorphy Richards HD-031


Check out the Philips HP8100 full review here

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Comparison table for 1600W hair dryers

My Rank1122
Hair Dryer NamePhilips BHD007/20 Hair DryerRemington D2400Philips 1600 W BHD006Panasonic EH-ND52
Speed/Heat Settings3332,2
Cord Length1.8m1.8m1.8m1.8m
Price(As of this writing)1745170010651450
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Extra Features

  • Dual Voltage 100- 240 V

  • Foldable Handle

  • Twin External Ion Output

  • Silent Operation

  • Foldable Handle

  • EHD+ Technology for even heat distribution

  • Thermo - protect for constant 57 degrees temp

  • Silent Operation

Flipkart LinkPhilips BHD007/20Buy NowPhilips BHD006Panasonic EH-ND52V Hair Dryer
Amazon LinkPhilips BHD007/20Remington D2400 Hair Dryer

Remington D2400 Hair Dryer
Philips BHD006Panasonic EH-ND52V Hair Dryer


Check out the Philips HP8200 full review here

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(My personal favourite)Comparison table for 2000W hair dryers

My Rank1212
Hair Dryer NamePhilips Proffesional HP 8230-20Remington D5015Torlen TOR 179Remington D5000
Speed/Heat Settings6,62,32,32,3
Cord Length2.1m1.8m3m1.8m
Price(As of this writing)2795356019202299
Warranty2 Years2 Years1 Year
Extra Features

  • Fast dry at a lower temperature with ThermoProtect

  • Ionic conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair

  • Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control

  • Ceramic Tourmaline grille

  • Pro Ionic Conditioning

  • Ceramic Hair Dryer

  • Long Life AC Motor

  • Removable Rear Grille

  • Eco Setting - run on mid heat

Flipkart LinkBuy Now Buy NowRemington D5000Remington D5000
Amazon Link
Torlen TOR 179Hair DryerRemington D5000


Check out the Torlen TOR 179 hairdryer

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I hope I have provided all the information required to make an informed decision to pick the Best Hair Dryer In India. If you need to know anything, just drop a comment. If you would like to read more, then checkout Best hair dryer brands and there are reviews here – Philips Hair Dryers

Disclaimer : Every effort has been made to keep the data accurate, but users should do their own research and not blindly trust this data. All prices are subject to change due to vendor pricing changes and other sales/offers/deals.