There are so many hair dryer brands in India and identifying which to buy is a big challenge. Let me start by listing some brands available with the major online retailers such as flipkart, amazon, rediff etc.

1. Philips
2. Panasonic
3. Babyliss
4. Agaro
5. Morphy Richards
6. Remington
7. Inalsa
8. Braun
9. Vega
10. Owstar
11. Corioliss
….. And many more. But let me stop here. Our main purpose is to identify a hair dryer to buy.

So, which is the best hair dryer brand in India ?

But, the choice can be made simple by following a few rules.

  • Keep hair safe
  • Dry the hair quickly
  • Be “electrically” safe
  • Provide the best warranty
  • Be worth the money

How to choose a hair dryer


First thing to identify is the power required. The power decides how much heat the dryer can produce and how fast can the fan blow the heat onto your hair.
If you are a man with short hair, then 1000W should be enough. This power is sufficient to reach all your hair and blow it into the style you want. Having more power than this might cause the heat to reach the scalp which we dont want as we only want to dry our hair.
Here is a review about Philips 1000W hp8100 that you can read and here’s another – Philips 1600 W HP8200

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1400 – 1800 W
Hair dryers in this power range provide sufficient heat and air speed to dry medium length hair. At this length, the towel will definitely soak up a lot of water but not all of it. Topping with a dryer will quickly dry your hair.
Here is a review about Philips 1600 W HP4940 that you can read

2000W and above
For women (or men) will long and thick hair, a towel cannot dry much of it. Even after wrapping the hair in a towel for half an hour, the hair will still be very wet. In such cases, a 2000W hair dryer will be really handy as it will produce a lot of heat and air speed. It will make the water evaporate quicker making the drying process smooth and quick.
See the 2000W comparison table here – Best hair dryer in India

Hair shine and static

Hair dryer coils when heated produce positive ions which make the hair frizzy. If you have the type of hair which tends to get frizzy, then take care to choose a dryer which counteracts the positive ions. Dryers with a ceramic components produce infrared heat which reduces the frizziness. There are dryers with Ionic technology which produce negative ions to defeat the positive ions generated. These dryers keep your hair smooth, free of static and frizziness. That will make your hair possess a glow and shine for quite some time after drying.

Diffuser and Concentrator

As the name suggests, a diffuser diffuses the heat evenly across the hair and a concentrator concentrates the air flow into wet zones. These are available as attachments and before you buy a hair dryer, you should decide which one (or both) you want. Its a pain to get them later. So, when you buy a dryer, buy it with your favourite attachment.


Are you a globe trotter? Did you know that hair dryers also come with parts that works with different voltages? Then you must definitely buy one that works at voltages 110 – 240 so that you can use it anywhere in the world.

Electrical Safety

Since hair dryers run on electricity and not on batteries, you should be careful that it is electrically safe. Never buy a cheap hair dryer without verifying the safety fetures and the amount of testing done on them. Big companies usually have a thorough testing procedure because if they don’t, then they will get sued. So, for the fear of a lawsuit and also because they are genuinely concerned about their end user, they test their products seriously. But, in any case, assume nothing and research the safety ratings of a dryer before buying one.
Dryers also come with temperature cut off to prevent excessive heating. It is a good to have feature as you dont want your hair and the dryer to get damaged due to the heat.

Cold shot

Most hair dryers come with a cold blast button. This blast at the end of hair drying will set your hair in the desired style. This is a must have as it also allows you quickly use that button when things get pretty hot when using a concentrator. Note that this is not designed for long term use and is to be used as a cold blast.