A blow dryer or a hair dryer is used everyday by so many people for drying their hair. But did you know that it is possible to also straighten your hair using the same blow dryer? Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 : Shampoo your hair

Remove all the dirt and grease that might have built up during the day.

Step 2 : Apply a conditioner.

If your hair tends to become flat on the top, then use very little conditioner on the top surface of your hair. Do not use or use very little conditioner near the scalp. For other strands of hair take the conditioner in your palms and apply onto your hair. Leave it for atleast 2 minutes before rinsing it off. For more information, read this article How to condition your hair.

Step 3 : Towel dry your hair.

Use a towel to gently pat dry your hair. Be careful to not damage your hair. Imagine your hair to be made of threads. The more friction you apply, the more it will get damaged.

Step 4 : Blow dry and straighten

First, you need a blow dryer. If you have medium to short hair, then I recommend the Philips 1000W HP8100 Blow Dryer . For longer and thicker hair, you might want to go for a 1600W blow dryer – Philips 1600W Salon Dry HP4940 .

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Next, you need a good hair brush. Pick one that best suits your hair type. There are many available here on Amazon . Read the reviews and pick the best for you.

Its now time to blow and straighten your hair. Start by segregating your hair. Identify a small group of around 1 inch width to work with. Clip all the other hair to the top of your head so that they dont come in the way while drying.

Now, brush that section of hair and remove any knots if present. Then roll the brush clockwise and using the highest setting on the dryer, blow directly at the hair in the brush. Remember to use a concentrator along with the blow dryer. Repeat the process again but by rotating the brush in the anticlockwise direction. Within a few times, your hair will be dry and straight.

Then repeat the process for the remaining hair. If you would prefer to watch a video, then I found this very informational.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have any tips, do leave a comment.